About Me

During office hours, I develop software, but I have a flexible schedule if I know in advance that I will need time off.  I’ve been sculpting and drawing, writing, tinkering and playing music, just for personal pleasure, for a long time.

When I was growing up, my mother, Doreen Horn, was a very active local artist, she won awards, she taught me a lot and I ran with it.  My dad owned a TV and VCR (and old computer) repair shop when I was a kid, and he taught me soldering and schematics and kindled a long-term interest in electronics and software.   Software is my professional life right now, and I’ve used that electronics knowledge many times over the years to perform minor repairs.

About 7 years ago I started working with Arduinos, animated lights, audio processing circuitry, motors and construction, with the power and simplicity of Arduino, the two worlds I loved had become one.  But this was still just for personal gratification, which is a slow motivator.

I found real motivation in 2016, when I started producing props, technical effects, and sets for local theatre companies, including St. Petersburg City Theater, West Coast Players, and the Gulfport Community Players.  Currently, and for the past 3 years, I’ve worked heavily with the Gulfport Community Players’ Junior Stars.  I take their tech to the next level, it’s been an opportunity to push myself into deeper territory in electronics, sculpture, and carpentry, motivated by a shared goal with all the other talented staff and performers involved.

I have also been a performer on stage for a few years, I played Evilix the Great in Star Chix, Alan Turing in Breaking the Code, John Oldman in Man from Earth, and Captain John Lerro in Mayday: Captain Lerro and the Skyway Bridge.

I am married to an acclaimed actress and theatre teacher, and have 2 children, one is 17 and the other is 10.  Every day is an adventure!  Other than my family, there are two things in life that have always given me the greatest pleasure:

I love learning a new system, which taken together is graceful and self-cohesive, which creates an aesthetically beautiful pattern of knowledge.  That’s the side of my brain that loves technology, science, inventing, composing, writing, and programming.

I also love to bring people pleasure with my own creations or by relating to them a complicated idea I have come to understand that is beautiful.  That’s what drives me to produce artwork, sculpture, magical effects, or perform on stage.

In the future I hope to branch out in the local arts scene, beyond theatre, that’s why I founded this website.

A proposal I submitted to Crab Devil has been accepted, I will be building an immersive interactive room with walls of lights, including interactive animated effects that respond to proximity.