This necklace was made to imitate a character from a popular TV show.  It was 3D printed from a clear filament, tinted with markers, and fitted with an LED.  the necklace is actually a pair of wires that connect to a watch battery holder in the back.


Michael created this “Tumbling Alice” pendant necklace from scratch.

He first made a frame for the stained glass using a high-temperature polymer clay stuck to aluminum foil, then filled this frame with plastic pellets from the stained glass art kits you can buy at craft stores.

He mounted the stained glass Alice piece with a geared motor and two colors of LED, attached to a watch battery to create light and movement.

A close-up video is included below.





Michael Horn created an animated Christmas Tree in 2015, the video below shows 5 of the unique patterns it displays.  The rate of pattern changeover has been sped up for the video, in reality each pattern goes for about 2 minutes.

Michael Horn put together this Halloween Costume for 2015, a representation of “The Internet After Dark”.  Both lit pieces flash at different rates, mimicking the unpleasant pop-up ads that one might see in a seedy corner of the internet late at night.

The glowing advertisement at the bottom was copied from an actual advertisement, printed on a transparency sheet and applied over a flashing white electroluminescent panel.  The “Neon” sign is made from electroluminescent wire, bent into letter shapes and covered in places with black electrical tape.


Art Taco, a local Art blog not affiliated with Biluminal or its members, calls Doreen Horn “…a gentle and very intense, focused Artist who goes to extraordinary lengths to actualize her ideas.”

She has been producing work professionally in the Tampa Bay area for decades.



Michael Horn crafted these beautiful LED-lit centerpieces for his wedding.   The trunks are made from plastic containers, papier-mâché, and acrylic paints, while the fungi are made from sculpted hot glue and LEDs.  Willow branches with warm white LED strings fill the logs.

These centerpeices are powered by battery packs underneath.

The pictures above were taken after the first “test” centerpiece was just finished, months ahead of the event.  The pictures below were captured by a professional wedding photographer of the centerpieces in action.  You can see that the bark patterns on each are different, and the trunks were placed in a shallow dish with decorative mosses.


wedding centerpiece 3wedding centerpiece 2


10 unique log centerpieces were created in all.